Scenar is a biofeedback device, working directly on the skin. This revolutionary device can help many ailments including Back, Neck and Sports Injuries, reducing pain and accelerating a natural healing response.

The Scenar (InterX 5000) is a small hand-held device that uses contact with the skin to directly stimulate the nervous system in areas of injury to speed up healing. It’s a revolutionary Russian technology designed for their astronauts to use in space as an alternative to medicines.


Scenar therapy is now recognised worldwide as a fast, effective and non-invasive pain relief treatment that stimulates the body’s own healing response, often enabling full recovery from ailments previously considered chronic or long-term.


Scenar provides quick pain relief, immune system modulation, reduces inflammation when it is needed, improving blood circulation effects with normalization of metabolic processes, improves lymph drainage, increases external and internal rejuvenation, provides better sleep and emotional wellbeing to name many of the benefits.

Treatments can bring relief to many conditions including:

Back & neck problems, Sports injuries, Knee problems, Old injuries, Inflammation, Blood circulation

And many more…

If you feel any of these treatments could benefit you, or you would like to know more, please get in touch.

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